About Us

My fascination with sewing began at an early age. My grandmother had a large carved sewing chest in the corner of her sitting room, and I would spend hours happily organising cotton reels in to rainbows of colour, and rolling up lengths of ribbon or lace.

When I was older, we sat one afternoon and cut up one of her old evening dresses to make dolls clothes (emerald green chiffon with deep gold braid – I shudder now when I think how lovely that dress was!). One of those childhood memories that never leaves you!

Over the years I carried on sewing, but my magpie tendencies began to extend beyond fabric, braid and buttons to all sorts of pretty things. Eventually my lovely husband mentioned that the loft was full, and suggested I should do something with all the “stuff in boxes” and Pear Tree Designs was born.

I work mostly in fabrics, vintage and new, to make cushions, bags, Christmas fairies and decorations which are sold on our website. When we attend fairs we sell our handmade items alongside vintage bits and pieces that I have found in my wanderings and couldn’t leave behind – old tablecloths, lots of glass, pretty china and anything sparkly ….

I hope you will find something amongst my collection that you fall in love with.

Best wishes